March 2, 2021

The Name Behind
Nell's Place

Nell's Place is named after one of Vancouver's most notable pioneers -- Helena Rose Gutteridge.

Helena, or as her close relatives called her Nell, was recognized for being a fierce activist in championing women and worker's rights in BC.

A woman ahead of her time.

Helena moved to Canada in 1911 and began working as a Tailor. She soon shook up the status quo, initiating and organizing movements fighting for women's and worker's rights. She organized female workers, who at the time, earned 40-50% less than men. She advocated to the Vancouver Trades and Labour Council to support equal pay for equal work for women.
In 1913, Helena formed the United Suffrage Societies of Vancouver. She received much attention for her wit and spirited determination to win women the vote on the grounds of collective power it would bring to women of the working class.

When elected as the first city councillor in 1937, Helena brought many group together to fight for federally-funded low-rental housing programs, laying the foundation for social housing in BC.

We honour Helena's work, service and influence in our community by naming the building after her -- Nell's Place. Nell's Place is named after one of Vancouver's most notable female pioneers -- Helena Rose Gutteridge.

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