The Placemaker story was born from a shared passion for excellence and community building.

The Placemaker story was born from a shared passion for excellence and community building.

Managing Principal of Milori Homes Hesam Deihimi and his longtime friend, industry expert Iman Rahmim, were tired of seeing property development projects that didn’t benefit the communities they were built for. So they put their collective expertise and years of experience in development & construction together -- and set out to make a change.

True to its namesake, Placemaker is a property development company that strives to not just design & build, but impact. Championing a multi-faceted approach to the selection, planning, design, and construction of residential & mixed-use spaces, Placemaker puts community wellbeing, health, & happiness at the forefront of each of its projects. The goal is to create spaces that do more than infiltrate. The goal is to create spaces that support, excite, and inspire -- naturally.

Our Leadership

Meet the folks who steer the ship.

Hesam Deihimi

Co-Founder & CEO

Iman Rahmim

Co-Founder & COO

Sawra Dar Santos

Director of Marketing & Communication

Our Awards

Humble, yet honored.

We’ve accrued a collection of awards & distinctions. And while these honours are special to us, they’re not special because of the trophies -- they’re special because they remind us of the projects we’ve built from the ground up, and the communities we’ve had a part in shaping.  We like to push norms. We like to achieve excellence.

But more than anything else, we like to help communities flourish. 

GVHBA Ovation Awards

2018 GVHBA Best Multi-Family Low-Rise Development (Regional)
2018 GVHBA Best Residential Community Multi-Family (Regional)
2016 GVHBA Best Marketing Campaign (Regional)
2014 GVHBA Best Townhouse Community: Less than 1,500 sq.ft.

Georgie Awards

2019 Best Multi-Family Low Rise Development (Provincial)
2016 Best Advertising Campaign (Provincial)
2016 Best Project Identity (Provincial)

District of North Vancouver

2017 Design Excellence Award
2014 Design Excellence Award

Our Core Values


We put community first. By working with stakeholders in each community, we design efforts that will best advance inclusivity, community connection, & vibrancy -- so the development doesn’t just help them function, but helps them flourish.


We choose courage over comfort. We’re driven by ambition, creativity, & cooperation -- and we believe that a more environmentally, socio-economically sustainable tomorrow is possible. So we’re dedicated to working together to achieve it.


We create environments that are designed to be interacted with, relied on, & used, empowering people to connect with their surroundings -- nature, culture, or otherwise.


We prioritize engagement in all that we build, allowing us to construct spaces that don’t just serve their function -- but foster positive, sustainable impact too.


We create innovative, vibrant environments where communities feel welcome to adventure, try new things, & lean into their natural instinct to play.


We design spaces that promote and facilitate social interaction, resulting in an environment that fosters cooperation & human connection above all else.


We build ecosystems that work to promote independence, cooperation, & growth -- so that communities can learn from, support, & achieve with each other.


We build ecosystems that support, nourish, & value their inhabitants, resulting in a positive, symbiotic relationship between people and places.

Timeless Design

We create timeless, adaptable communities that celebrate the cultures of today while supporting the evolving community needs & expectations of tomorrow.

Diverse Spaces

We create resilient, diverse communities where people of all backgrounds, abilities, and interests can thrive.


We know that our people are our most valuable assets. We aim to give each member of our team the tools, support, & creative leeway they need to think innovatively, create intentionally, and impact without constraint.

We promote cooperation and engagement with all communities we service. By encouraging our team to get to know the communities behind the projects, we ensure seamless productivity, vibrant communication, & results that everyone is proud of.

We prioritize health, from the inside out. We know that a healthy mind, body, & spirit yield higher efficacy, more purposeful creativity, and greater outcomes -- which is why we strive to support self-care & strong mental health for all of our staff.  

Be a Placemaker.

Are you going places in development or construction? We're always looking for change-makers. if you've got big dreams for the future of spaces and want to have a hand in molding them, connect with us today by sending your resume and cover-letter to


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