Oct 15th 2020

Nell’s Place:
Development Permit Submitted

The DP application has been submitted to the City of Vancouver. Some exciting new changes were made to Nell’s Place to improve the function and authentically of the building.

The material type and colour of the building façade was significantly changed to improve quality type and make for a more sleek and aesthetically pleasing look.

Keeping front in mind the importance of designing an inclusive and engaging common space, the courtyard and children’s area was changed to provide for more collaborative activities and connection.

A roof top community garden was also added for residents to enjoy.

Significant improvements were made on street scape on all three fronts of the property.

Soffit accents at projecting balconies were changed to complement main roof soffit and vertical fins.

Columns clad in stone veneer added for greater contract with white cladding soffits.

Landscape seating and mound feature added at corner of park was added to allow for more seating and connection.

These improvements align with our development principals of creating spaces that serve in the wellbeing of our community, including future residents. Developing spaces that bring connection, fulfilment, joy, and a sense of belonging is our why and we are pleased with the improvements made during this stage.

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