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Storey Mixed-Used
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"Mary Anne's Place offers an unparalleled location alongside Evergreen Rapid Transit Line in the City of Port Moody, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Western Canada."

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Port Moody
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Mixed-Used Rental and Strata
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Placemaker Communities Inc.

Introducing Mary Anne's Place: an exciting mixed-use residential community in the heart of Port Moody's Heritage Conservation area.

Mary Anne’s Place will comprise of two buildings: a residential strata and a rental building, which are separated by a warm and welcoming pedestrian mews. Notably, the historical P.Burns Heritage building will be preserved, creating a unique blend of old-world charm and contemporary design elements that will add character and appeal to the community.

On the ground level, Mary Anne’s Place will feature over 24,000 square feet of commercial spaces and live-work units that will cater to diverse lifestyle. The mews will offer ample seating, a children’s play area, game-area, and lush greenery, providing people with a perfect place to connect, play and unwind.

Located just steps away from local shops, parks, restaurants, and life’s essentials, and a 10-minute walk to Moody Centre Skytrain Station, this development offers unparalleled convenience and endless entertainment opportunities for future residents.   

Mary Anne’s Place is envisioned as a warm and welcoming community, and is well-positioned to become a dynamic part of the Moody Centre neighbourhood. Existing within a context that benefits from both urban and natural, as well as residential and commercial qualities, Mary Anne’s Place offers a multitude of amenities all within a walkable distance. Featuring frontages that activate the street and surrounding area, the development provides an excellent standard to the streetscape, creating a welcoming atmosphere for this growing community.

The site’s unique location within Moody Centre, at the transition between an emerging transit-oriented city centre and a vibrant heritage district, calls for unique architectural solutions that draw from the surrounding neighborhood character. By drawing on historical elements and utilizing them in a contemporary development, a sensitive transition is achieved throughout the site. The five character defining elements outlined below form a framework for effectively making this transition.

Commercial Heritage Scale: Smaller-scale development and lot widths characterize the heritage district of Moody Centre.
Varied Widths and Roof Lines: Roof lines are often sloped in a gable, hip, shed, or similar manner typical of light wood frame construction.
False Front Parapet: ‘Boomtown’ commercial buildings often featured an overheight, false front parapet to increase relative scale and create a stronger street presence.
Bay Windows: Bay windows, trim, and symmetry are some of the prominent details and elements that showcase the strong heritage character throughout the area.
Colour Palette: Lapped wooden siding, corner boards, and trim are painted an eclectic array of vibrant, heritage colours. These colourful expressions create unique identities for each building and establish a sense of place.

Mary Anne's Place being a full block within Moody Centre allows for a number of unique opportunities for cultural, economic, and environmental sustainability measures to be implemented. The development is designed to preserve and better integrate the historic P. Burns Butcher shop into the Clarke Street frontage. By relocating it to the Queens Street Plaza, it will increase in prominence and continue to serve an important role in the community’s history and identity. The new pedestrian mews will provide a space for gathering and provide an engaging public pathway, encouraging exploration and foot traffic through the site.

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